whoever you are,
you are part of this story.

once upon a time,
men fell in love with women,
these same men
then lived sad
died sad.

and colleagues
came to their funerals
and put flowers down
on their graves
and then put
a consoling arm
around the murderers’

few attempted murders later,
some of these women will,
be stopped
in their killing spree
by a God who,
from atop of his realm,
was attentively observing them.

I never cried in front of you

I never cried in front of you
but now my soul misses
all the beautiul tears
that could have fell for you

why did God take you
and left so many out there?
I wish we were doing things
somewhere we always wanted to be

six feet under
I wonder if you can see
the bottle here and your glass there
my words here, you and I there

life is now a dream
without you in it
a regretful nightmare
with the wake up missing

a whore tale

a hoe tells
loads of lies
in a hotel
and goes
on and on
about how low
her competition is
and blows
in cold tears
shouting about
her bonafide love
and vows
to be yours
for as far as
love can go.

once her story is told
she goes on and on about
how sad she feels
and now tells you
how tall
the mountain is
between her love
and what the situation
really is.

believe her,